Clubul Sportiv MING DAO Cluj-Napoca

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The MING DAO Sport Club practices several forms of Chi Kung, chosen for the way in which they help mobilize and focus energy in the practitioners body, the circulation of these energies and harmonizing the whole body, improving the body's physiological parameters in order to successfully practice Tai Chi Chuan.

These forms are:

  • Baduanjin (method of Master Yang Ming Shi)
  • Swimming Dragon
  • Flight of the Roc bird
  • Earth Circles
  • Celestial Circles
  • Taoist Pot
  • The pattern of energy accumulation (method of Master Yang Jwing Ming)
  • Breathe of the Dragon
  • Greeting of the Five Elements
  • Taoist Massage
  • Zhan Zhuang (pole posture, tree posture)
  • Meditation

“Yield and overcome,

Bend and be straight,

Empty and be full,

Wear out and be new,

Have little and gain,

Have much and be confused.”

[Tao Te King]