Clubul Sportiv MING DAO Cluj-Napoca

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MING DAO Sport Club Cluj-Napoca

Sports Club MING DAO ("Shining Path") was founded in 2006 by Adina-Mihaela Silivestru (Serban), whose passion has been practicing and promoting Chinese martial arts and oriental spirituality among the Romanian public.

Until her tragic disappearance (May 28, 2009) she led the club, as it’s first instructor, inspiring with her presence and her words the training activities, serving as guidance for all generations of practitioners.

The club continues to develop having the spirit of excellence and openness that was characteristic from the very beginning.

The priority objective of the MING DAO club is to promote in Romania the Yang family style of Tai Chi Chuan, including the training of athletes in this area.


seminar 2014




We started the construction of the Ming Dao Martial Arts Academy, future headquarters of our club.

To the benefit of all of us, everyone’s contribution is welcome.

You may visualize the building project here


“Yield and overcome,

Bend and be straight,

Empty and be full,

Wear out and be new,

Have little and gain,

Have much and be confused.”

[Tao Te King]