Clubul Sportiv MING DAO Cluj-Napoca

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The Sports Club MING DAO mainly practices the Yang Family style Tai Chi Chuan.

The full curriculum of the practiced forms include:

  • Hand form in 13 movements
  • Hand form in 16 movements
  • The competition form in 49 movement
  • The traditional hand form in103 movements
  • Sword form in 67 movements
  • Sword form in 13 verses
  • Tui-Shou (push hands)

Related to modern forms of Tai Chi Chuan we practice:

  • Hand form in 10 movements
  • Hand form in 24 movements

Some forms of Chi Kung are also practiced (for more information see the chapter “Chi Kung”)


“Yield and overcome,

Bend and be straight,

Empty and be full,

Wear out and be new,

Have little and gain,

Have much and be confused.”

[Tao Te King]