Clubul Sportiv MING DAO Cluj-Napoca

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MING DAO Sports Club is a sports, cultural and spiritual project.

It is a sports project, because its members are initiated in the mysteries of a hundred years old ancient martial discipline, providing the opportunity to recover and improve the physical qualities through a consistent practice, as well to take part in national and international competitions and tournaments(Tai Chi Chuan figured in the schedule of the 2004 Summer Olympics).

It is a cultural project, because it offers its adherents the opportunity to come in contact with the culture of the Chinese people, the oldest culture of our world, whose development extended over a period of 5,000 years, and gave humanity fundamental teachings through important personalities like Lao Tze and Confucius.

It is a spiritual project, as it urges its members to take the path to self-knowledge. By the practice of Tai Chi Chuan they discover new and exciting opportunities to learn about their body and their personality, which is an important prerequisite for a successful life. Self-knowledge is an important step in building a proper road through life, and it is an important tool for discovering the latent powers that are hidden in all of us.

The discovery and use of these powers, the enhancement of the human qualities of each of its members, is one of the leading objectives of the Sports Club MING DAO.
The motto the club's founder, Adina-Mihaela Silivestru (Serban), has given as main goal, becomes a true guide of life and action:



“Yield and overcome,

Bend and be straight,

Empty and be full,

Wear out and be new,

Have little and gain,

Have much and be confused.”

[Tao Te King]